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Wisconsin Bomb Watch


Blogger Brian Fraley writes on a possible development in the 1970 bombing of the Army Math Research Center at the University of Wisconsin. From a news story:

If something is stirring in the case of Leo Burt, missing for decades after he allegedly took part in a Vietnam-era bombing on the University of Wisconsin campus, federal prosecutors and the FBI weren ‘t saying on Monday.

But on Friday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Grant Johnson filed a motion in Burt ‘s long-dormant federal criminal case seeking somebody ‘s fingerprints. The sealed motion, filed in the dusty case that has been pending against Burt since 1970, is titled “Application for Production of Fingerprints. ” Johnson said he couldn ‘t elaborate on what was contained in the motion.

“If I could I wouldn ‘t have had it sealed, ” he said Monday.

Some who have followed the case, however, said it could mean that authorities want fingerprints from someone close to the case, possibly someone suspected of being Burt himself.


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