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Attention to Discipline


An op-ed in the New York Sun draws attention to  the need for greater discipline in the public schools.  Ironically, the article says, there is too much attention to criminal activities, bringing an intrusive police presence to the schools, and not enough attention to the simple everyday misbehavior and nastiness that can make for chaos in the classroom.  The author is David Yassky, a member of the City Council.  Yassky writes, ”Our current approach to school discipline is both too lenient and too harsh.  Schools need to implement specifically delineated policies on discipline and to toughen the day-to-day authority of teacher and principals.”

Amen.  Then teachers can get back to teaching again, instead of expending energy just trying to control the disorder.  It is heartening to see a council member taking an interest in this.  Sometimes it seems that the City Council does nothing but hold meetings and collect paychecks.  


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