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Could the Hoover Institution be Created Today?


People have pointed out that it would be nearly impossible to get penicillin approved by the FDA today. Similarly, it would probably be nearly impossible to set up the Hoover Institution — that great think tank located at Stanford — today, due to the attitude of a great many faculty members toward what they call “right wing ideology” (i.e., criticism of the prevailing statist/socialist views), which they hold to be unacceptable on campus.

A donor wants to set up an entity at the University of Illinois like the Hoover Institution, but that has run into the same sort of opposition that the Alexander Hamilton Center ran into at Hamilton College. IHE has the story here.

A school can be awash in programs and centers that hew exclusively to any of the “isms” beloved of the left, but let someone suggest one that doesn’t and the proposal gets buried in faculty objections.


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