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Crossing Delaware


Here are a couple of comments posted in response to a brief follow-up report on FIRE’s action exposing the University of Delaware’s thought-control program.  The follow-up appears at the CHE News Blog.  According to the program, the term “racist” applies “to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States.”  FIRE has already had an effect.  The program is no longer mandatory.   In the CHE piece, a university administrator seems to deny that the program was ever mandatory, something belied by the comments below. 

1) I am so happy that FIRE blew open this case. I work in the student affairs office and the place went crazy when the letter from FIRE arrived. THe truth is that they created a well intended program, but crossed the line in many ways. Yes until this week the program was mandatory and they have temporarily suspended the mandatory nature of it, but once the attention goes away especially with Parents Weekend arriving they want to look good. Boy can they lie.

2) I have been an RA for the past two years and have not been comfortable with this program. It has gotten out of hand and demanding of students. Yesterday I was approached to be an advocate of the program. Several of my RA friends have been asked to be available for talking with the press. When I declined I was taken aside and told that my future as an RA was in jeopardy as was future a student. I decided to stand-up for myself. I read the university response to FIRE and they seem to want to divert the attention away from the programs flaws and talk about how FIRE make U Del. students look. Well it was U Del. students that had the backbone and insight to bring this issue up to FIRE. Go Hens! FIRE believes in us.


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