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Live Free or . . . Need a Massage?


I had to laugh when I read John’s item about the University of New Hampshire looking to hire “massage therapists.”  The absurdity of spending tax dollars on massage therapy reminded me of one of the more amusing moments of my time at FIRE.  We were battling UNH over its decision to evict a student from the dorms for making a joke about women’s weight, and I fielded a call from a student reporter who demanded to know what I had to say to all those women out there who “struggled with their body image.”  I told her that sometimes people just need to “cowboy up” (the Sox were making their legendary playoff run at the time, and the phrase was popular in New England) and grow a thicker skin.     

Now I have a better response: If you’re offended by jokes at UNH, just get a massage. 


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