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Yale Does the Right Thing


There’s good news for free speech today, and all the credit goes to . . . Yale University Press.  We spend so much time criticizing our elite educational institutions, it’s vitally important to applaud them when they do something right.  Or, in this case, very right.  Yale stood strong against terror apologists who hoped to stop publication of a book exposing the intersection between Hamas’s terrorist and (allegedly) “charitable” wings.  Money grafts:   

“Yale University Press on Wednesday announced that a libel suit against it and one of its authors has been dropped, without any changes being made in the book or any payments to the plaintiffs. The book in question is about Hamas and comes just weeks after Cambridge University Press settled a libel case against it over a book about Islamic terrorism by promising to destroy remaining copies of the book. 

“The cases are notably different in that Cambridge was sued in Britain (where libel protections for authors and publishers are much weaker than those in the United States) and Yale was able to file motions in California courts, which have stronger libel protections for authors and publishers than much of the United States. But the fact that Yale took a strong legal stance on a book about Hamas is likely to cheer scholars of terrorism, some of whom have been deeply concerned that the Cambridge settlement would prompt other presses to back down if sued. 

Thank you, Yale, for defending our right to seek the truth about the terror threat we all face.


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