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Pumping Money Into Politics


Who gives more money to politicians and parties?  The academy or Big Oil?  What is surprising about the latest study of academic political giving is not that most of the money goes to Democrats (though William & Mary’s 99% to 1% ratio is eye-popping even in the far left world of universities).  The surprising thing is the sheer amount of academic political giving.  Did you know that the academic community outgives even the oil and gas industry?  Money graf:

Perhaps more surprising than the industry’s party split is its sheer size: Education was the eighth-largest industry in terms of all federal campaign contributions in 2004 and the 13th largest in 2006, meaning that in the last two election cycles, college employees contributed more to politicians than the oil and gas industry, which ranked 16th in both cycles. For 2008, CRP ranks the education industry as No. 14, still ahead of big-givers such as oil and gas, general contractors, the computer and Internet industry, electric utilities and the pharmaceutical industry.

So the next time a professor scorns you for taking the same position as Exxon/Mobil, you can just tell him you’re standing up for the financial underdog.


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