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More on the ACLU and Student Speech


In response to yesterday’s post the good folks at the Christian Legal Society’s Center for Law and Religious Freedom reminded me that the ACLU hasn’t just been silent on the speech of religious conservative students, it has actually weighed in against the free association rights of Christian student groups in cases before the Seventh and Ninth Circuits.

The issue in those cases (involving Southern Illinois University and Hastings University) is whether religious student groups may use religious principles in determining who may join or lead the group.  The ACLU has been moving steadily in the direction of expanding the scope of “nondiscrimination” and “anti-harassment” laws and shrinking (sometimes dramatically) the scope of free speech and free association when those values conflict.  This is a clearly ideological decision – not a civil liberties position — and represents further evidence of the ACLU’s distinctively leftist approach to public policy and constitutional law. 


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