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The Big Lie


According to this article in The Badger Herald, the University of Wisconsin-Madison makes no bones about the fact that race is “a factor in admissions decisions” there.  Yet the article also reports that, when before a state legislative committee on January 11, “UW-Madison Chancellor John Wiley testified that no minority applicant has ever been accepted at the expense of a white student.”  He said, “There has never, ever been a student admitted because of the color of their [sic] skin. It’s not the case where some student lost a seat to a lesser qualified applicant of any race.”

Now, this is simply a lie. If race is being weighed as a factor, then it must be because sometimes it will make a difference in deciding who gets in between two students of different races. If it never matters, then it’s not a factor and there’s no reason to consider it, right?  Geez Louise, as they say in the Midwest.


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