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A New Standard for Measuring Doctoral Programs


There is yet another doctoral program measure, says The Chronicle:


The Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index… rates faculty members’ scholarly output at nearly 7,300 doctoral programs around the country. It examines the number of book and journal articles published by each program’s faculty, as well as journal citations, awards, honors, and grants received.


Well, interesting. The Chronicle provides a list of these most “productive” English departments here:


1. Princeton U.

2. U. of Georgia

3. Pennsylvania State U.

4. Washington U. in St. Louis

5. Johns Hopkins U.

5. Stanford U.

7. U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

8. U. of California at Berkeley

8. U. of Florida


10. City U. of New York Graduate Center


10. U. of Chicago


But can they teach?


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