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Stop the Presses: Top Schools Discriminate Against Asians


The New York Times reported yesterday that a really high percentage of Asian Americans get into the top universities, and it’s for cultural reasons–that is, they study really hard and are really good students.

Some universities, like the University of Michigan, try to correct this overrepresentation by giving racial preferences to other groups that have more lackluster academic credentials.  But universities in states, like California, that have banned racial admission preferences don’t do that, so Asian Americans are doing even better in admissions there.  A parallel is drawn between discrimination against Asians today and discrimination against Jews at the Ivies in yesteryear.  An Asian student is quoted as saying that he is unhappy because “I grew up thinking that in America race should not matter.”  A consensus is identified that “`the category Asian is not very useful.’”  And so on.

Gee, you’d think you were reading National Review–although, to be fair, it could have been a copy of National Review from 10 or 20 years ago.


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