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MLA Days


What they talk about at the Modern Languages Association’s annual meeting, according to Inside Higher Ed:

And attendees also got to hear a paper with the sort of title MLA-bashers love (“Is the Rectum a Text?) but whose substance shows that academic fashion may be less sex-obsessed than MLA-bashers like to think. … Morrison’s paper talk was surprising because — although it contained more uses of the word “asshole” than is the norm at scholarly meetings or most other meetings, for that matter — he’s actually arguing that there’s more to life than sex and that focusing on body parts, even supposedly subversive body parts, isn’t necessarily the best thing to do. … “We are exerting the same kind of exaggerated, deconstructed power that we once gave to female genitalia,” he said. “We’re still within a Freudian economy of the body.”

I’ve left out some of the dirtier bits. For those, follow the link. And remember, the MLA is “less sex-obsessed” than you think.


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