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Angela Davis Lounge


The news from CUNY reminds me of my days at the University of Michigan. For two years, I lived in a dorm with an “Angela Davis Lounge.” Here’s a list of all “multicultural lounges” on campus. I’ll give the UM administration points for not avoiding the subject of Davis’s radicalism:

She joined the communist party in 1968 and was its vice-presidential candidate in the 1980 presidential election. Her Communist views caused her to lose her first teaching job at UCLA in 1969. Although her dismissal was overturned by a court order, her contract was not renewed the following year. She went into hiding in 1970 after being charged with aiding in an attempted courtroom escape that resulted in the murder of four people. She was apprehended in 1972, tried and acquitted. Angela Davis remains politically active today.

But there’s much more that could be said. In fact, Solzhenitsyn already has said it: Go here.


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