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Breathe In, Sing Internationale


The New York Times reports on American students attending Medical school in Cuba on Friday. Their education is free. Whatever. Some international students there are enthusiastic about their patrons:


“In my country many see Fidel Castro as a bad leader,” said Rolando Bonilla, 23, a Panamanian who is in his second year of the six-year program. “My view has changed. I now know what he represents for this country. I identify with him.”

Fátima Flores, 20, of Mexico sympathized with Mr. Castro’s government even before she was accepted for the program. “When we become doctors we can spread his influence,” she said. “Medicine is not just something scientific. It’s a way of serving the public. Look at Che.”


Chavistas everywhere! Most importantly, though, look to what the author has to say about Castro:


And some students cannot help responding to the sympathetic portrayal of Mr. Castro, whom the United States government tars as a dictator who suppresses his people.

Tars as? In contrast, what does the Times have to say about Pinochet today? “Pinochet, tarred as Dictator by leftists?” Of course not, he’s just:

“Augusto Pinochet, Dictator Who Ruled by Terror in Chile”

Imagine Castro’s Obituary:

 “Kindly Medical Benefactor Dies, Called Dictator by CIA”


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