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Berube v. Horowitz


Michael Berube and David Horowitz meet! The Chronicle Luncheon, with caricatures! I’ve not had time to read it all yet, but that needn’t stop anyone else. Complete with occasional comments from the Chronicle reporter, such as:

Once during the lunch, Mr. Horowitz pointed at Mr. Bérubé with a morsel of half-eaten bread.


On his Web site, Mr. Horowitz accuses Mr. Bérubé of trying to bury him in “verbal sludge.” He also writes that Mr. Bérubé and professors like him “gracelessly dominate” university faculties.

On his blog, Mr. Bérubé writes that: “I have always been struck, for instance, that Horowitz has no sense of humor whatsoever, and I’m afraid I have used that against him rather mercilessly.”


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