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Undisadvantaged Minorities


The ever-vigilant John Miller sent me this link. The point of it is that, at the University of Michigan, it appears that the minorities admitted are not particularly disadvantaged economically.  If true, this is significant because frequently the defenders of preferences for minorities like to imply that such preferences are a good way to help the disadvantaged; also, more technically, this refutes the claim that evidence of racial preference in admissions can be explained away as really being only evidence of socioeconomic preference.  BTW, it has long been known that, in general, the beneficiaries of racial preferences are not poor; William Bowen and Derek Bok’s The Shape of the River—a detailed apologia for preferences—concedes that 86 percent of blacks admitted to the selective universities analyzed there are either middle or upper class (i.e., that only 14 percent are lower class).


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