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Disturbing Muslim Poll


A poll of attitudes taken by Muslims for a Safe America from 309 Muslims who are American citizens shows that large segments of the responders, sometimes majorities, sometimes large minorities, believe that America is at war with Islam, that the United States knew the 911 attacks were coming, that the US planned the attacks, that Muslims did not carry out the attacks, that Muslims had nothing to do with the recent terrorist plots uncovered in Britain and Canada, that violence by Muslims against the American military overseas is acceptable, and that no security measures that might especially involve Muslims are justified.  

Even the views of small minorities are disturbing, since extrapolated to the larger population, it would mean a significant number of American Muslims who believe, for example, that violence by Muslims against American civilians or the American military in the US is acceptable.  In answer to the question, “If you learned about a plot by Muslims to attack targets inside America, would you tell law enforcement authorities,” 234 said yes, but 39 said no, and 34 were undecided.  Not exactly reassuring.  Isn’t diversity grand?  


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