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They’re Just Not Interested


Here’s a fun quotation game. These concern entirely different topics, from different commentators.

1) But the truth is that no one knows what the applicant pool looks like. For all we know, in the arts and humanities (and even some of the biological sciences), the number of bright young conservative  aspirants may be no greater than it is for your average Broadway production of “Torch Song Trilogy.” (full here)

2) One professor had the nerve to suggest that part of the problem might be that few black youths are interested in academic careers. For that, he was rebuked by another professor who… pronounced herself “offended.” (full here)

Now, both of these comments seem to hold a fair amount of truth, while also certainly oversimplifying matters. There looks to be a fair commonality between them to me. Not so! In academic circles, which sentiment is considered shocking and unthinkable, and which just a routine statement of fact? This isn’t difficult.


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