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Not Equal


The reason that British Airways allows its employees to wear headscarves and turbans but not crosses if they are visible, as posted previously on our list, is that multiculturalism is not about equal representation of all cultures, but a power play of the minorities over the majority.  All cultures are equal, except the majority culture, which, by virtue of being the majority, is seen as oppressive and hateful and is plied with guilt until it becomes weak, feeble, and servile.  Melanie Phillips gives a good explanation of this in Londonistan.  That’s why it doesn’t pay to play by multiculti rules, simply asking for proper “representation” of the majority culture.  The only path is to insist on the legitimacy of the majority culture, which gives the society its basic form, with due acknowledgement of minorities, but as part of the whole, not as separate enclaves.


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