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Ithaca: Not a Mickey Mouse School


Had you forgotten “The Path to 9/11,” the ABC miniseries critical of the Clinton administration’s role in combating Al-Qaeda? Students at Ithaca College certainly haven’t, planning protests over a speaking appearance by Robert Iger, Disney CEO. Several inspirations for the circulation of pamphlets were offered, from Disney’s labor practices to the influence of corporate media.

These are fair questions, although it seems somewhat besides the point–the donation’s not from Disney, but from Iger directly. The citation of concerns over “The Path to 9/11” was the strangest objection offered.  

In light of this item, a quote from the college President, Peggy Williams, on the donation in the New York Times is wonderful:  “His involvement with this campaign does not buy Disney any influence on campus,” she said. “Our curriculum decisions are our own, and an organization like Disney plays no role at all.”  

Disney’s hopes of replacing Galbraith with Scrooge in the economics department were no doubt dashed. In any case, I suppose that Disney would suppress the really meaningful research into the Disney canon, like this.


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