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Mass Murderer Now in Government


As Northern Ireland works out its new government, photographs emerge in the news of the governing parties seated around the negotiating table, with Gerry Adams smiling along with the rest.  That’s another thing to teach American children and another of the many things for which to thank God in the United States of America.  Even after bitter conflicts, we never had to accept a mass murderer, his hands filthy with our own innocent blood, as a ruler over us.  I guess Northern Ireland had to do what it had to do to gain some peace for its children, but it’s a big price to pay, especially for a European country.  And how different from Lee’s honorable surrender at Appomattox.  Yes, the Civil War was bloody and they called Grant a butcher, but he fought it on the battlefield, not in streets or stores or houses, and he also obtained a clear victory for the right side.


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