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Queer? Bicurious? Asian?


A new means of gaming the college-admissions system just occurred to me, reading prior posts here.

Today, Inside Higher Education reported on perceived discrimination facing Asian students. Asians fear, correctly, that they are being discriminated against by the present elite college-applications system.

One high school guidance counselor told the panel of experts that a sign of the distrust of the system is that he is increasingly asked by Asian American students if they would be better off applying to college if they declined to check the race/ethnicity box on the applications.
Yes, that would likely help, but a surer aid was aired the day before in Inside Higher Education. It reported:

Middlebury College is this year for the first time giving students who identify themselves as gay in the admissions process an “attribute” — the same flagging of an application that members of ethnic minority groups, athletes, alumni children and others receive, according to Shawn Rae Passalacqua, assistant director of admissions at Middlebury.

The article on discrimination against Asians spoke about a panel titled “Too Asian?” at the annual meeting of the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Ponder the modern scales of admissions justice – at least at Middlebury, it seems you might balance out “Too Asian” with “Gay Enough.”


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