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More on Hispanics and Racial Preferences


Linda Chavez of all people does not need to be told that racial and ethnic preferences for any group are “a violation of principle.”  But it would violate that very same principle were we to try to limit the immigration of some groups because of the fact that, once here, they or their descendants would be given these misguided preferences.  That is, the government should not be more reluctant to allow in Mexicans than Germans because the former often get preferences these days and the latter don’t.  That, too, would be discrimination on the basis of ethnicity.  Agreed? 

As I read Carol Iannone’s postings over the last few days, however, she is making precisely that claim:  that one of the reasons we ought to oppose high levels of Hispanic immigration is because such immigration “can only increase the demand for affirmative action,” that we should oppose “high levels of immigration of a group receiving special preferences,” and that, “as the Hispanic proportion of the population grows, so will the number entitled to preferences in colleges and professional schools.”  If that’s not her position, a clarification  would be helpful. 


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