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Find Dissatisfaction, Create a New Academic Position


According to this story in the Sacramento Bee, University of California Chancellor Robert Birgeneau was worried that his campus might not be completely “fair and welcoming.” Therefore, he held some meetings about the climate at Cal and found no systematic discrimination, but did hear “some dissatisfaction.”


If you get to spend taxpayer money, that’s plenty of justification for creating a new academic position.  So the school will now begin a national search for a vice chancellor for equity and inclusion, a job that could pay as much as $282,000 annually. It sounds like a very tough one, however; the holder of the position will be expected to “make sure students feel at ease and faculty and staff get equal opportunities to advance.”


Undoubtedly, whoever lands this sinecure will keep finding “dissatisfaction.”

Hat tip: Bob Sanchez (James Madison Institute)


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