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Mystery Solved


Given that Wisconsin seems to persistently and willfully defy controlling law by de-recognizing Christian groups, I was beginning to wonder where the university got its legal advice.  Well, mystery solved.  Today I received a letter from something called the Judicial Equality Foundation.  They informed me that Christian groups like the Knights of Columbus, Campus Crusade for Christ, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship have “no right to exist.”  Why?  I’ll give the good folks at JEF the floor:

Mr. French,

Our organization is dedicated to World peace (sic) through non-violent means. One of the principal sources of violence and abuse is Deuteronomy 13:6-11.

Our research has disclosed that the organizations identified at the end of your letter of August 4, 2006 . . . Use either the Torah or Bible as their source document.  As we believe you know, those materials include Deuteronomy 13:6-11.  Until those organizations repudiate those verses and all others like them in their source materials, they do not have a legal right to exist, much less be approved for consumption by young adults on college campuses.  

We request that your organization withdraw its demand for recognition of those organizations or, in the alternative, should suit be brought, that we be provided notice so that we may petition the court to present the relevant facts and applicable law for consideration.

Note to self: I need to tell the Christian kids at Wisconsin to avoid stoning heretics until after the controversy is resolved.  


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