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Georgia Tech’s Speech Code is History


Following on the heels of victories at Penn State and Southern Illinois comes news of yet another win for the First Amendment on campus.  According to a court order (issued yesterday afternoon) and agreement between the parties in the Alliance Defense Fund’s lawsuit against Georgia Tech, the university’s speech code will be repealed. When the suit was first filed, Tech denied that it restricted free speech, but it has now agreed to not only dramatically change its allegedly nonexistent speech code but has also agreed to make no further changes to the new policy for five years without prior judicial approval.

This change is particularly significant in part because of the enormous amount of vitriol directed against the student plaintiffs in the case, Ruth Malhotra and Orit Sklar.  Perhaps the student radicals who threatened Ruth and Orit and directed racist tirades against them — all in the name of “tolerance” — should now direct their wrath against the university that chose not to defend its policies in court.


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