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Unintentionally Funny


Student radicals at Georgia Tech are up in arms over this column by Mike Adams that blasts leftist students for engaging in vicious personal attacks against Ruth Malhotra and Orit Sklar, two fellow students who had the audacity to launch a legal challenge to Georgia Tech’s unconstitutional speech code. (Full disclosure: I am lead counsel in Ruth and Orit’s case). Mike quotes some of the vile rhetoric from CLAM, a group formed to defend Georgia Tech against the so-called “intolerance” of the plaintiffs.

After they’ve gotten some heat, the radicals feel wronged, writing in e-mails that it is simply false that they are engaging in personal attacks. There’s just one problem with their argument: Their group’s name, CLAM, stands for “Conservatives and Liberals Against Malhotra.” No personal animus, eh? If you’re trying to argue that your purpose is to argue over principles rather than insult people, it is probably not best to name your group after the person you oppose.

Sometimes the Left is good for a laugh.


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