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Ward Churchill Found Guilty... Again


Another committee at the University of Colorado at Boulder has found Ward “Your Rules Don’t Apply To Me” Churchill guilty. According to a press release from CU-Boulder, “The Standing Committee reports that it agrees with the Investigative Committee’s findings that Churchill ‘has committed serious, repeated and deliberate research misconduct.’”

Of the ten voting members of the committee six members voted for dismissal, two voted for suspension without pay for five years, and one voted for suspension without pay for two years (one other member was absent). That ratio of dismissal-to-suspension was greater than the original investigative committee’s breakdown of four members recommending suspension with only one recommending dismissal. Churchill’s fate now lies in the hands of CU administrators who are likely very tired of the negative attention

For more on the findings of the investigating committee, “Committee Investigating Churchill Finds Deliberate Research Misconduct.”

For more on Churchill’s self-defense, “

Ward Churchill’s Defense.”


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