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Re: Heresies To Consider


Tom Reeves has hit the nail squarely on the head. The notion that everyone needs to go to college is false and merely saddles us with higher costs, a watered down educational experience, and what Professor David Labaree calls “credential inflation.”

Here’s a good quotation from Labaree’s book How to Succeed in School Without Really Learning,

When students at all levels see education through the lens of social mobility, they quickly conclude that what matters most is not the knowledge they attain in school but the credentials they acquire there. Grades, credits, degrees — these become the objects to be pursued. The end result is to reify the formal markers of education and displace the substantive content….The payoff for a particular credential is the same no matter how it was acquired, so it is rational behavior to try to strike a good bargain, to work at gaining a diploma, like a car, at a substantial discount.


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