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Feith Not Warmly Received


It appears that Doug Feith will not be “welcomed with flowers” when he starts his new job at Georgetown University. Professors, graduate students, and administrators have organized a small protest to oppose the hiring of Feith, a Georgetown Law alumnus, to a non-tenure track two-year teaching position at the School of Foreign Service, according to the NY Times.  Feith, a former Pentagon official who is considered a key architect of the Iraq War, will be teaching a course on antiterrorism policy in the Bush administration. 

It is interesting that Feith, a neoconservative and Bush appointee, would find such hostility, while Clinton appointees, such as former CIA Director George “slam-dunk” Tenet and former Secretary of State Madeleine “Who cares about Rwanda?” Albright were hired “without event.” One professor points out the obvious, “I hope this story does not play out as ‘pointy-headed academics diss Republicans.’” Too late, champ.

For more analysis, “No Faith in Feith.”


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