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If That’s the “Dominant Theme,” Forget It


Inside Higher Ed reports on the Commission on the Future of Higher
Education’s latest meeting

I quote, “if a dominant theme emerged from the conversation, it was that the
commission needed to champion the idea that a high school education no
longer suffices for any American….”

But that’s utter nonsense. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that most
of the occupational fields with the highest job growth over the next decade
call only for vocational or on-the-job training.  Putting more kids with
weak high school educations through college is a needless waste of time and
money. Someone should quickly send the commissioners a copy of
300 Best
Jobs Without a
College Degree.

Rather than pushing to make college universal, as Clinton advocated in his
1997 State of the Union speech, we ought to try to make certain that when
students graduate from high school, they at least have the cognitive
abilities of smart 6th graders.


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