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Trouble Brewing at JHU


Administrators at Johns Hopkins University have seemingly concocted an organized effort to eliminate The Carrollton Record (TCR), a Collegiate Network member publication.

TCR’s most recent issue reports that JHU paid for a gay, transvestite, pornography director to speak at the campus.  Dressed in a see-thru top and pink bra, Chi Chi LaRue freely distributed pornography to a crowd that was not ID-checked at the door.  TCR reports that a group of 100 high school students were in a nearby conference room and some ventured in to hear LaRue’s speech.  LaRue was invited by the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance (DSAGA), a gay student group that receives university funding.

One thousand copies of that issue were stolen and destroyed, and then banned from campus.  TCR Editor Jered Ede took the crime to campus security, only to be told “it wasn’t theft.  Let’s go see the Dean.”  Ede then discovered that Residential life director Shelly Fickau said the TCR was “not welcome” in the campus dormitories.  The Carrollton Record had been effectively banned from campus.  Banning an independent publication from campus is a typical strategy used to censor conservative publications.  For more on this phenomenon: “Censorship Coast-to-Coast.”

TCR, an independent publication at JHU, has also been denied funding by the Student Activities Commission (SAC) for two and a half years now, despite satisfying SAC requirements.  DSAGA, on the other hand, as TCR reports in connection with the pornography story, is offered numerous exceptions to SAC’s notoriously strict rules, including not having to provide a membership list or a detailed budget.  DSAGA is even permitted to purchase food with their tuition-funded grants, even though other groups, such as ethnic student groups, have to limit such purchases to “cultural food.”  TCR revealed that the porn director was funded by DSAGA’s SAC account, news which might stun a university community still reeling from a record-high tuition hike.

So the TCR, the only conservative publication at Johns Hopkins, is denied funding, banned from residences, and chided for their investigative work, while DSAGA invites porn directors on the students’ dime and another student group used school funds to purchase and screen a 1970′s porno.  Only in America.


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