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Holy Cross Burning


Apparently, Holy Cross’s “Hate: Not Here!” anti-discrimination policy does not aim to protect conservatives. Well, who am I kidding: Holy Cross doesn’t do anything to protect conservatives, which is why Holy Cross won the third-place Polly in the2006 Campus Outrage Awards. What I should say is that apparently Father Michael McFarland, President of Holy Cross, has extra space on his trophy shelf and is gearing up for the 2007 Pollys.

According to Shawn Sheehy, graduating editor of The Fenwick Review, a Collegiate Network member publication, arsonists burned a copy of his conservative newspaper in front of his dorm room late Thursday night.  Thursday night Shawn had been at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s “Dinner for Western Civilization” highlighting a successful fundraising campaign and featuring Supreme Court Justice and Holy Cross graduate Clarence Thomas.  When he returned to campus, Shawn found a charred pile of ashes in front of his room and detected the lingering scent of smoke.  His roommate explained finding the remains of a Fenwick Review outside the door that morning.  Shawn noted that, aside from the intimidation and harassment aspects of the crime, it could have been a serious fire had it gotten out of control.  The perpetrators likely intended no physical harm, but fire is not a plaything and blocking Shawn’s roommate’s only viable exit is dangerous.

Shawn consulted the public safety office about the incident, and they said they would investigate.  However, when Shawn asked if this harassment falls under the “Hate: Not Here!” policy protecting students, he was informed by the safety officer and the dean of student affairs that it was not.  Students cannot be harassed based on religion, sexuality, or gender, but if you are conservative, it is open season.

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