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Rejecting Superstudents


George Leef notes below that “diversity” admissions has something to do with the intense competition in getting into the top colleges that we have been hearing about. I agree. I think we have to assume that affirmative action is at least part of the story, although I haven’t seen it discussed anywehre. Students with perfect SATs are bering turned down from eight and more top tier schools? Unless someone knows that the affirmative action slots are added to the otherwise normal class size, we’d have to assume, I think, that some highly qualified students are being turned down for some lesser qualified ones, or ones qualified according to the new criteria that are designed to admit more minorities.

But as Ward Connerly wrote on NRO some time ago, “There is not one major American success throughout our history that can be placed at the doorstep of ‘diversity.’ Whether it is a student body, a Supreme Court, an athletic team, or a private board, any organization or entity that is constituted around the quota mindset will not be the best that it could otherwise be–and the nation suffers because of this.”

All this has actually put me on the side against legacy admissions. If the Ivy-graduated elites who insist on affirmative action knew that their own offspring would no longer have a secure Ivy League place, they might reconsider their support for “diversity” admissions. They would have to join the rest of the hoi polloi in sweating out the admissions process.


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