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The following is a report on the kind of the thing the MCRI people have been facing:

In October 2005, the Michigan Court of Appeals ordered the Michigan Board of Canvassers to certify the MCRI, but the canvassers’ next meeting, in December, “was repeatedly disrupted by about 250 rowdy Detroit high school students and the group By Any Means Necessary,” according to Kathleen Gray writing in the Detroit Free Press (15 December 2005). At one point, “about 50 students advanced toward the board, knocking over a table before being stopped by Lansing police. Others jumped on chairs and stomped their feet.” The board again failed to certify the MCRI that day in what Chris Thomas, director of elections for the Michigan Secretary of State, called “a victory of mob rule.” The board did finally certify the initiative in January 2006. MCRI opponents continue to protest various aspects of the process.
Our public schools at work? These students do not have even the most rudimentary understanding of civics and the rules of civiized discourse, or even of civilized behavior.


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