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RE: Polly Award Winner Yale


An article from Accuracy in Academia was able to expand on an aspect of the outrageous presence of Yale’s most unlikely freshman: “While the former press secretary for the Taliban attends lectures openly at Yale, ROTC cadets routinely feel compelled to change out of their U. S. military uniforms before returning to class.” The Collegiate Network mentioned in the 2006 Campus Outrage Award Winners press release that Yale’s decision to admit Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the former Deputy Foreign Secretary of the Taliban, was all the more outrageous because Yale refuses to allow ROTC on campus. “[S]ince Vietnam there has been strong opposition to the military on campus. [Flagg Youngblood of the Young America's Foundation] claims this is because the same people who ran anti-war demonstrations in the 60’s are now professors, ‘many deferred going to the war and stayed in academia,’” the article continues to explain. ROTC will likely not be allowed back on to campus at America’s elite universities until the military ends its “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy (in fact, Larry Summers lost his job in part because of his support for ROTC returning to Harvard). And yet, Hashemi, whose former employer stoned homosexuals, is allowed to attend Yale, while his former coworkers are in Guantanamo Bay. Don’t think for a second that if the CEO of an oil company were given a job at the EPA, the same individuals who support Hashemi’s presence at Yale wouldn’t be up in arms. For more about the 2006 Campus Outrage Awards.


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