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SC Senator Wants to Ban University Mascot


I just read this piece about S.C. Sen. Darrell Jackson (D) and his silly proposal to change the “Fighting Gamecock” mascot at the University of South Carolina.
A portion reads:

“A Richland County senator says the University of South Carolina needs to rethink its ‘Fighting Gamecock’ mascot if the Legislature passes tougher penalties on cockfighting. If the bill passes, ‘how can we as lawmakers and other leaders of this state justify a major institution in our state running ads and logos on billboards with a fighting gamecock with spurs on the feet?’ asked Sen. Darrell Jackson.”

Based on this logic, we also would have to change the name of every college and pro team nationwide with a mascot such as “Pirate” or “Buccaneer,” because, PIRACY is also illegal.


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