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More Social Justice, Not Less


Speaking of UMass: As the administration goes about its “effort to phase out separate programs for minorities” (as the Globe put it), it better not run the changes past another office at the university, the Social Justice Education Institute. The website of the Institute describes one of its programs as follows:

The Social Justice Education (SJE) Summer Institute is designed for education professionals (teachers, counselors, principals, superintendents, school Board/Committee members, teacher educators, staff development professionals) interested in the application of social justice education principles and practices to enhance K-12 student achievement.

The institute presents a social justice model for critically examining curricular, programmatic, organizational and professional development aspects of K-12 schooling. Participants will be introduced to SJE practices to enhance student academic achievement, and will be encouraged to become social justice change agents for their schools and systems.

That’s just what we need–not more knowledgeable teachers, more efficient resources, a higher percentage of funds making it into classrooms. No, we need more “social justice change agents.”


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