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Jonah’s Must-Read Column


Few columns have more clearly eviscerated the fundamental hypocrisy of the university speech and “civility” codes than Jonah’s yesterday. Universities spend an enormous amount of intellectual, legal, and emotional energy battling against racism and for tolerance, yet they often coddle and even support the most vile and malicious racists imaginable. While I know that my view is somewhat colored by the particulars of my own experience on the ground in the Middle East, it is almost impossible to overstate the level of anti-Semitism in radical-Muslim communities, particularly the anti-Semitism of organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. The fact that a university will tie itself in knots (and violate the rights of 33 student groups in the process) to condemn a racist fraternity party yet wax eloquent about free speech when a student endorses genocide is both reprehensible and unsurprising.  

All students enjoy the same level of free-speech rights, and this post should not be taken to imply that anti-Semites don’t have the same right to speak as anyone else. It is instructive, however, to see whom the university chooses to support and whom the university chooses to condemn. If such decisions are a window into a school’s soul, then the view is dark indeed.


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