Canary in the Coal Mine?

by Jane S. Shaw
Mitch Daniels thinks that Sweet Briar could be it

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Lessons for Struggling Small Colleges

We’ve been discussing whether the decision by Sweet Briar to close is a sign of future closures of colleges. Here’s Mitch Daniels, president of Purdue and former Indiana governor, on the subject:

The jig is about up. “I don’t know what the rate of the shake out will be, but you can already see the front edges,” Mr. Daniels says, referring to colleges that have begun shutting down. “A year or two ago, it was schools you hadn’t even heard of. This year it was Sweet Briar,” he says, of the 114-year-old Virginia women’s college that announced last month it is closing because of “insurmountable financial challenges.”

He was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article by Kate Bachelder this week.