Hillary Clinton and the Youth Vote

by Jennifer Kabbany
As Hillary Clinton stumps at Dartmouth, College Democrats no-shows, College Republicans turned away

If Hillary Clinton’s recent pit stop at Dartmouth College is any indication of how she endears herself to young voters, she’s in trouble.

Exhibit A: The Dartmouth College Democrats, several of whom are taking summer classes there, were no shows at the event, held Friday at the rural Ivy League college.

“I did not see any College Democrats there,” student Charles Springer, a member of the Dartmouth College Republicans, told The College Fix on Saturday. “I had spoken with a couple College Democrats on the day before the event…and they all said that they were not going to the Hillary event…as she was not progressive enough for them and they did not like her as a candidate or as a person.” Ouch.

Exhibit B: While the rally for Hillary Clinton had a better showing from Dartmouth College Republicans, presumably drawn by the curiosity factor and their love of politics, a staffer for the Clinton camp refused to allow them to stand near her on the stage, two of the group’s members told The Fix. Not exactly a way to win over hearts and minds.

The Hanover, N.H., event also had its share of creepy Clinton moments. For example, the College Republicans shunned from the Clinton stage said they felt surprised and alarmed that the Clinton camp knew they were Republicans despite the fact that they held no signs, wore no T-shirts, or gave any visual indication of their political leanings. Big brother is apparently watching.

And then there was the local high school teacher and Democratic leader at the event who spoke of forcing her students to volunteer. Asked for clarification, the educator explained she only meant that she would encourage her pupils to participate in the electoral process, “not for any particular party.” Uh huh.

If this is any indication of how Hillary Clinton and her camp views and interacts with young people, it’s unclear if she can galvanize them to the polls like President Obama, who won the Oval Office with millennial support.