Interfering in GM? Who, Us?

by Henry Payne

Detroit — The White House is responding sharply to Mitt Romney’s new book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness, in which the 2008 presidential candidate claims that “government is calling the shots on every major decision at GM, including which plants to expand and which to close.”

White House spokesman Matt Lehrich told the Detroit News: “While the president will continue to monitor the taxpayers’ investment in these companies, he has enough on his plate to have no interest in running them. Decisions and management are handled by the company alone.”


A short list of the ways in which Washington isn’t running GM:

– The Obama administration forced GM into Chapter 11 last March and rejected its first restructuring plan as inadequate.


– The Obama administration fired GM CEO Rick Wagoner.


–The Obama administration appointed new GM board chairman, Ed Whitacre.


– The Obama administration forced GM to reverse a decision to build its new small car in Asia. To satisfy UAW demands, the car will be built in Orion Township, north of Detroit.


– Rep. Barney Frank (D., Mass.) strong-armed GM into keeping open a facility slated for closure in his district.


– Congress has balked at GM’s dealer streamlining plans, passing a law requiring dealer arbitration.

– And just today, the Obama administration GM announced that it would discontinue the gas-hungry Hummer.


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