Good Company


I gave a talk on the scandal that is the global-warming industry — which could have gone on for hours thanks to the wealth of material — as part of a panel today for the Republican Women’s Federal Forum alongside George Allen, John Sununu Sr., and Spencer Abraham.

Yes. I know. That made for two former U.S. Senators, two former governors, a former cabinet secretary and a former White House chief of staff . . . just as it would have if I got stuck in Beltway traffic and failed to show.

The relative incongruity of political achievement notwithstanding, the event was fully subscribed, ran over time (particularly due to the line for Red Hot Lies — yay!) and a good time was had by all — thanks in no small part to some very surprising senses of humor.

Maybe it’s these times. Given Democrats’ fortunes, you can read that either way.


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