She Came, She Saw, She Glowered


Detroit – Nancy Pelosi toured the Detroit Auto Show this week, surveying her new domain: the auto industry. Billions in taxpayer dollars have been lavished on Detroit to keep the Democratic unions happy and to develop the electric cars Washington has picked out for the peasants. Of course, upstart automakers from Pelosi’s home state of California are also on the taxpayer-funded gravy train, in an attempt by Golden State pols to shift America’s auto center from the Midwest to Silicon Valley — but Tesla and Fisker don’t make cars for the common folk.

The Ford Motor Company does, though, and plenty of them: Ford is the most successful Detroit automaker this year. And as it happens, Ford did not take a bite from Queen Nancy’s bailout apple — and she is not amused.

When asked by a Detroit News reporter to comment on Ford’s progress without government welfare, Pelosi shot a chilly stare and the room temperature of Cobo Convention Center dropped 20 degrees.

She icily complimented the company for acting “appropriately,” but could not bring herself to compliment the automaker for refusing federal dependence.

“They have been very appropriate in recognizing their responsibility, but also recognizing what our responsibility was,” she said. “They recognize the responsibility the federal government has to the auto industry. It’s not about companies, it’s about an industry.”

Who’s the fairest of them all? Bah! 


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