Pat Robertson and the Devil


For those of you who don’t know, Pat Robertson — who is in hot water for saying Haiti’s deal with the devil caused the earthquake there — is also an anthropogenic climate alarmist:

Ordinarily, a global warming Chicken Little spouting off something nutty would be completely unremarkable. In fact, I expect it. But Robertson is no ordinary clucker. He’s been a spokesman for Al Gore’s “Alliance for Climate Protection,” appearing in the group’s “We Can Solve it” advertisements urging action on climate change.

So Al Gore looked around and thought to himself, “Pat Robertson… now there’s a credible guy. He’s just who we need to reassure the public that we aren’t a bunch of crackpots.”

Oh, did I mention that Robertson appeared in Gore’s ads with the Reverend Al Sharpton?

Doubly reassuring, no doubt.

And here’s the ad:

I assume the devil is also responsible for the warming planet, right?


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