Climategate Debate


A top-notch policy panel (organized by yours truly) to discuss the question “Climategate: Are Green Auto Rules Based on Flawed Science?” will convene at the North American International Auto Show on Tuesday, January 12 — the biggest auto-industry event in the world. Both sides of the global-warming debate are represented (my fellow Planet Gore contributor Pat Michaels is among the panelists). You can find details below. The proceedings are open to media, auto-industry representatives, and the public — if you happen to be in the Detroit area next week. The events co-sponsors are the Detroit News and WJR-Radio — which will have live audio coverage of the event, so do tune in even if you can’t join us.

Press release, 01.07.10

Leading climatologists, Congressman Upton headline Detroit Auto Show panel debate on “Climategate: Are Green Auto Rules Based on Flawed Science?”

Sponsored by the Detroit News – WJR Radio, Detroit Detroit Athletic Club, Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10 AM – 11.30 AM Moderated by Frank Beckmann


The auto industry’s green efforts to meet strict new mpg rules are the dominant theme inside this year’s Detroit Auto Show. But outside Cobo Convention Center, it’s not just the frigid winter temperatures that have cast doubt on the global warming science driving the biggest regulatory challenge to the industry in a generation. E-mails leaked from the world’s top climatology center have put the environmental community in turmoil with allegations that scientific data has been doctored and debate suppressed. The uproar has provoked calls for a congressional investigation and cast doubt on auto mpg rules. Scandal? Or sideshow?


The issue cries out for debate at the world’s largest auto gathering, and The Detroit News-WJR Radio have assembled a world-class panel representing the automotive, scientific, and political communities to argue the facts and discuss its impact on the auto market:


Congressman Fred Upton (R-Mich.), House Energy Committee Henry Pollack, Climatologist, University of Michigan Pat Michaels, Climatologist, Cato Institute Kathryn Clay, Director of Research, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Myron Ebell, Director, Energy and Global Warming, Competitive Enterprise Institute Frank Beckmann, Moderator, Michigan’s #1 Talk Radio host – WJR-Radio


Shuttle will pick up in front of Cobo Arena between 9.15-9:30 AM Tuesday morning (following the Cadillac presentation). DAC address (event is in the Georgian room): 241 Madison Avenue, Detroit, Mich. (Phone: 313 442-1008).



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