Rep. Roy Blunt vs. the EPA


The Missouri congressman wants the Obama administration to show him the jobs created and saved by cap-and-trade:

WASHINGTON, DC–In a strongly worded letter sent to the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today, Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt demanded an explanation of what he calls “a backdoor path to regulation” of greenhouse gas emissions and sought answers regarding how the EPA will protect Americans from the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs predicted to occur as a result.  Blunt says the new regulations “will place a significant burden on our already struggling economy, including family farms and small businesses.”

Last month, the EPA announced an endangerment finding regarding greenhouse gas emissions, which opens the door for the Obama Administration to regulate these emissions under the Clean Air Act.  Blunt writes:  “In short, this finding would classify carbon emissions as an environmental hazard and give EPA sweeping authority to regulate it. These regulations could result in a host of new government burdens on small businesses, farms, and industry across our already fragile economy.”

Blunt’s letter continues:  “When considering changes in public policy of this magnitude, Members of Congress must consider a broad range of questions regarding the policy’s impact, not least of which is its impact on the economy and jobs in our communities.  It is our expectation that federal agencies show the same respect to our constituents when considering new regulations.”

“On November 12, 2009 President Obama stated, ‘[W]e have an obligation to consider every additional, responsible step that we can to encourage and accelerate job creation in this country.’  It is my hope that the President shares my view that job creation is the most important public policy goal of 2010.  But the Heritage Foundation recently found that in its first year a cap and trade program… would cost 1.9 million jobs throughout the United States, including 32,225 jobs in my home state of Missouri.  There is little evidence that these two Administration-supported policy goals – job creation and a cap and trade program – are compatible.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This item has been corrected since its initial posting.


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