Friedman Wishes for Biblical Storm


 Left thought Pat Robertson was off his rocker? If Rev. Pat thought Gulf hurricanes were God’s punishment for sin, then green zealot Tom Friedman wishes we had more. Friedman in Sunday’s Times:

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil told this conference, (the) Earth Day framework only works “if countries take responsibility to meet their targets” and if the rich nations really help the poor ones buy clean power sources.

That was never going to happen at scale in the present global economic climate. The only way it might happen is if we had “a perfect storm” — a storm big enough to finally end the global warming debate but not so big that it ended the world.

Absent such a storm that literally parts the Red Sea again and drives home to all the doubters that catastrophic climate change is a clear and present danger, the domestic pressures in every country to avoid legally binding and verifiable carbon reductions will remain very powerful.

Yeesh. Katrina must have been thrilling for Friedman — though apparently it didn’t drown nearly enough sinners.


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