Dump the UN? The Climate Campaign’s Moment of Truth

by Steven F. Hayward

Newsweek’s science reporter Sharon Begley says it is time to dump the UN’s climate circus:

The best chance of reining in emissions of greenhouse gases and avoiding dangerous climate change is to stamp a big green R.I.P. over the sprawling United Nations process that the Copenhagen talks were part of.

Amen to that, but whether it happens will reveal whether the global political class really wants to deal with climate, or whether they are more concerned with global governance and the whole moveable feast of UN pretensions. My money is on the UN process continuing. Begley suggests a better approach is regional negotiations and a block of the major emitting countries, noting that “George W. Bush tried something like this too [with the Asia-Pacific Partnership], but because his administration was so hostile to climate science, it never got anywhere.”

One reason that Asia-Pacific Partnership “never got anywhere” is that the climate campaigners howled that Bush was trying to . . . undermine the UN framework! They should have been so lucky.

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