Spreading the Taxpayers’ Green


Planet Gore had the scoop Thursday morning that Gore-backed luxury carmaker Fisker was receiving over half-a-billion in government loans. But the Wall Street Journal’s subsequent story adds some notable detail — in particular, this justification from Fisker as to why taxpayers should be subsidizing $88,000 battery-powered sports sedans:

“ Mr. Fisker says all new technology starts out being expensive. He pointed to flat-screen televisions that once started at $25,000 but are now affordable to the mass market.”

Yes, but flat-screen makers didn’t get federal loans from a $25 billion taxpayer slush fund. They actually had to prove their products had a consumer market.

If Fisker now qualifies for green federal loans, what’s next? Taxpayer backing for Virgin Atlantic billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Fuels venture to develop ethanol fuel for airplanes?

With government spreading the wealth with the blessing of the green religion, it’s Katie bar the door.

At the outset of Cash for Clunkers this summer, we asked what’s next — a clunkers program for old appliances? Sure enough, here comes the “Cash for Clunker Appliances” program — $300 million in federal funds for consumers to buy new, energy-efficient appliances.

“If you have an old energy-guzzling refrigerator, air conditioner or washing machine you’d love to replace,” advises MSNBC, “it may be a good idea to wait until November when a cash-for-clunkers type program for home appliances begins to roll out across the country.”

Speaking of clunkers, the Detroit Free Press reports that Washington’s moral sacrifice of all clunker trade-ins to the shredder has produced perverse results.

Even as Washington is subsidizing Fisker luxury, the clunkers program — according to federal data — was destroying some of the finest luxury cars ever built. Among the list of “gas-guzzlers” that had their engines destroyed were a1997 Bentley Continental R (once valued at $300,000), a ’97 Aston Martin DB7 Volante (that once stickered at $135,000), a 1999 Mercedes C43 AMG, a rare 1987 Buick GNX (only 547 were built), and 131 Chevy Corvettes.

Car enthusiasts will cringe at the thought that these precious used cars were crushed by order of Pelosi & Company. But they had to be destroyed. They had sinned against the planet.


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